In October 2010 ISOMAT has completed the construction of its new private-owned facilities in Belgrade, Serbia. The new facilities comprise modern administration offices and a fully automated production unit of building chemicals and mortars, which is going to cover the constantly growing needs of the Serbian building materials’ market.  

With the completion of this investment, which amounted to 7 million Euros, ISOMAT’s affiliated company in Serbia, ISOMAT D.O.O., is transformed from a trading company to a fully productive one. In this way the company will become more competitive and will be able to stand among the top companies of its field in Serbia.

The new factory, which has a production capacity of 350 tn the day, is estimated to start production near the end of 2010.

ISOMAT, placing always great importance on the expansion of its exporting activities, is investing in the markets, where it operates through affiliated trading companies, by constructing its own offices and factories.

The company’s next investment move concerns the completion of a new administration office building and a production unit in Bucharest, Romania, which are currently under construction.